Our Team


Scott comes from an extensive background in the digital pre-press and printing industry. One of the founding members of Graphic Knights, now known as Digital Direct Printing, Vancouver Islands largest printing company. It was here that Scott developed a diverse set of computer, layout, marketing and management skills. In 1998 He joined forces with the Internet Brokers Group. With his love of computers and technology Scott created all of their online database applications, including but not limited to a database network spanning hundreds of sites displaying real estate listings. This system easily handled over a million listing views a month. The system also had a robust, feature rich online listings and client management system for the real estate offices as well as the individual realtors. Along with that, Scott was responsible for creating the extranet / workflow system, servers, and network infrastructure that was key to the success of the Internet Brokers Group ability to create, host, and manage over 2000 websites in the 7 years he was involved.



Lynda is an experienced internet consultant who has been working as a project manager with various design teams to help develop websites and marketing strategies for many industries since 1998. With 12 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, Lynda's business management skills have proven to be a valuable addition to website development and internet marketing. Her primary role during website development is industry research, design consultation, website content, and internet marketing strategies. Lynda is able to utilize her artistic talents and business management skills on all of her projects and this has proven to be an asset in the overall development of many websites.



Margot's Design Company, Sweet Pea Creative, works in partnership with Interactive Technology Syndicate to bring cutting edge Graphic & User Interface design to any World Wide Web project. Her professional experience with color, style, imagery, and typography provides brand name recognition without sacrificing a pleasant and fast viewing experience for any audience. View her online portfolio at www.sweetpeacreative.ca.



Geoff Davis, owner of Digital Direct Printing brings his years of business experience, and his companies design, marketing, and printing services to Interactive Technology Syndicate.


Other Contractors and Design firms

Our company continually help other design firms with their technology needs. Our company's attitude of being non-competitive with out contractors and trade clients have allowed all the people in the project, from the client to the designer to rely on the expertise of our hosting and programming divisions.