Our Clients - Promoting Artists

Promoting Artists is a marketing service used by many successful artists to promote their works of art.

The Concept

Promoting Artists required fully customizable design templates that could easily be maintained by the user.

The Interactive Technology Solution

An easy-to-use admininstration panel was developed to help manage the user's personal website. Based around a user level account system, the key features of the adminstration panel include:

  • Multiple Gallery Administration with Categories
  • Image upload capabilities
  • Image resizing
  • Image Water Marking

The entire Promoting Artists solution is backed by an extremely fast MySQL database and is programmed in 'C' to ensure speed and reliability.


I have been marketing artists online since 1999. Over the years as my list of clients grew, it became very apparent I needed to automate the manual updating process I was currently doing. It also became evident that I would have to keep up with the times and have an interactive web site developed for my artists that would fully automate the whole process, so that THEY could maintain their own websites.

It was hugely important to me that this software would not only be easy for the artist to use, but dependable for them as well, there is nothing worse than websites that are broken and not functioning properly.

When I approached Scott Thompson, the owner of IT Syndicate, I felt confident he was the man for the job. I had a 6 year working relationship with Scott already, and I knew the kind of talent he had and the programming genius he is capable of. He is absolutely the best, and has developed a product for me that I feel 100% confident about for my artists.

My entire workload has decreased by about 75% because of the strategy he has put in place for me.

I went to him with one request, he developed a whole concept for my business I hadn't even thought of, and then took it the next step and made it all a reality!

Scott is more then just a programmer that can do what you ask him to do. He has the ability to envision your business and help you to take it to the next level! If I had approached anyone else to do this ‘job’ for, that is all I would have got, the job done.

Now, I have an entire NEW company! One that enables artists to be free of the hassle and cost of having website updates done. One that makes a custom designed website affordable!

The artist can completely maintain their own website now, if they want to. They can do update their gallery section with ease as speed that still amazes me to this day! The software that was developed for this new company "Promoting Artists" (www.promotingartists.com) has taken off like wildfire. Because of Scott and his vision, I can now offer artists fully maintainable websites, at a fraction of the normal website development. I can be effective in my business now, and not tied up all day doing updates for 150 artists! They love it! I love it! I have had nothing but excellent feedback from every artist who has used this software. I don't even have to train them, I just provide instructions for them. It's THAT easy!

Thank you Scott! I know your motto is..
"if you can dream it… we can build it!"
and I am here to tell you, that's the truth and then some!

Lynda Baxter